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Perforated Steel Sheet in California

Why do we use
Perforated Steel Sheet in California?

Wondering what we use perforated steel sheets in California for? For starters, perforated steel sheet is a type of sheet metal that has been stamped or punched with a machine to create a pattern of holes that provides practical uses as well as an aesthetic appeal. It is can also known as perforated plate, perforated sheet, or perforated screen.

While there are many different choices for perforated metal, perforated steel sheet has many benefits. Perforated metal sheets made of steel allow for structural applications in architecture and design, such as stairs and screens. It can also provide a decorative effect. Another great reason to use perforated steel sheets are they are corrosive resistant and, therefore, can be used in either outdoor or indoor design.

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How Perforated
Steel Sheet is Made

The manufacturing process for perforated steel sheet begins with the design and need. First of all, deciding how thin and flat the steel should be, in order to be cut and bent into different designs. The thickness of the steel is specified in gauges; the larger the gauge number, the thinner the sheet.

The most common method to perforate steel involves the use of a rotary pinned perforation roller. This is a large cylinder with a series of sharp, pointed needles on the outside to punch holes into the metal. As the sheet metal is run across the perforation roller, it rotates, continuously punching holes in the passing sheet. The needles on the roller, which can produce a wide variety of hole sizes, are sometimes heated to simultaneously melt the metal to form a reinforced ring around the perforation.

Whether you’re designing something structural, or you’re looking to make something more pleasing to the eyes, steel sheet metal from Branko Perforating can get the job done. Need perforated steel sheet in California? Branko Perforating can take on any project of any size for any industry! We pride ourselves on being able to accomplish the tasks that most of our competitors are unable to do. Contact us today for a quote on your project!

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