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Perforated Metal Filters

Quality Perforated Metal Filters

Perforated metal filters are used to keep appliances and systems in homes and industrial settings, running smoothly and working effectively. Whether it is to filter debris from a water source or contaminating particles from an airflow intake, filters allow for appliances to continue to work while refining the filtered media. Precisely designed to be functional and durable against excessive conditions, Branko’s perforated filters are the perfect choice to incorporate in your filtration system.

Branko Perforating supplies filters for use in:

  • Dryer drums and flights that capture lint and push air
  • Dishwasher components that allow water through while capturing debris
  • Refrigeration units and retail display coolers for shelving and internal components
  • Covers on fans in appliances to draw air in and provide an important safety feature
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Perforated Metal Filter Systems

Perforated filters are utilized in various systems and by various types of consumers. These metal structures are the ideal solution for keeping filter medias clean and blocking unwanted contaminants from affecting light, liquid, and composite filtration systems.

  • Air systems utilize perforated metal filters to cleanse airflows of dust and dirt particles in-home systems and possible harmful contaminants and particulates in industrial settings.
  • Liquid filtration systems use perforated metal to maintain a stable structure when filtering water or other liquids through high-pressure mechanisms or vibrations. The perforated metal patterns allow for the filter to remain efficient while maintaining its stability.
  • Filters can also used in solid debris filtration. For appliances and systems that encounter solid debris particles, such as automotive and agricultural machinery industries, perforated metal withstands the damage that might occur through use.

Branko Perforating provides high-quality perforated metal filters for air, liquid, light, and solid filtration systems. Contact us today for a quote!

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