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Perforated Metal Coils

What are
Perforated Metal Coils?

Perforated metal coils facilitate handling, which speeds up production and makes them the perfect form for OEMs with automated production operations. Branko perforates metal coils in many different materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. We can supply fully perforated or paneled sections in widths to 60″ and thicknesses up to 16 gauge. Our goal is to produce perforated coil to suit your specifications, no matter how demanding.

Coils are one of the most common ways that perforated metals are manufactured and delivered. They are widely considered to be a smart and economical means for handling perforated metal because the material is tightly wound into compact coils, which make it easier for transport and assembly.

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What to do with
Perforated Metal Coils

Perforated coils are easy to work with, which has given way for architects and designers to find innovative ways to incorporate them into their work. Here are some common ways to use perforated metal coils:

Natural Light & Shade

Perforated metal is an excellent way to control light. It can be used as a screen against direct light to provide a softer natural light, reducing energy use.

Visual Elements

In addition to functional uses, perforated metal can add depth and aesthetics to any design. It can stand alone as artwork or it can complement ceilings, walls, staircases, and other structures.


For buildings and machinery, perforated metal allows for better airflow. In a building, that means more comfort for employees and clients. For machinery, that can mean cooler and safer operations.

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