Perforated Metal for the Cooking Equipment Industry

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Perforated Metal & Cooking Equipment

From industrial-size fryers to kitchen-sized ovens, perforated metal is used in a variety of cooking equipment. Whether it is a metal rack in a stove or a panel used for venting heat, perforated metal helps cooking equipment to function smoothly and efficiently.┬áBranko’s metals are precisely measured and withstand the harshest cooking conditions. Branko Perforating’s standards produce the finest perforated metal for cooking equipment.

Branko Perforating can manufacture a variety of perforated metal for cooking equipment, such as:

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Perforated Metal Cooking Equipment

Cooking is a fast-paced and precise art that requires proficient and reliable equipment. The use of perforated metal helps keep cooking equipment working consistently and dependably. The right size or perforation of a sheet of metal can affect how food is being cooked or how a machine is running. Perforated metal filters heat, allows safe and even cooking, and drainage of excess juices. Perforated metal is key in cooking.

Branko Perforating is proud to offer perforated metal specifically made for cooking equipment. Contact Branko Perforating today to get a quote.

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