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Are you in need of a cold rolled metal supplier? We can help! Branko Perforating is a complete, reliable source for perforated and expanded metals, including cold rolled steel. Branko is known for top-quality perforations in a wide range of applications, ranging from high tech to heavy-duty industrial equipment.

You could find yourself in need of a cold rolled metal supplier if you are looking for some additions or improvements to your commercial building. The exterior of cold rolled metal is very desirable when visual appeal and aesthetics are a priority in your project. Cold rolled steel could be used to make strips, bars, or rods. You could also make metal furniture or roof and wall systems.

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What is
Cold Rolled Metal

Cold rolled metal is steel which has been rolled at room temperature, below its re-crystallization temperature. This process increases its strength and hardness and decreases its ductility. In addition to improving the mechanical properties of the steel, cold rolling also results in more control over the shape and dimensions of the finished product.

Cold rolled steel has an improved surface finish and tighter tolerances compared to hot rolled steel. It is commonly used for parts requiring cold forming, such as crimping or bending. It can also be used for Shafts, machinery parts, bolts, pinions, gears, as well as in the creation of furniture, appliances and other consumer goods.

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